Helicopter Adventure Travel in Northern California

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Helicopter Adventure Travel in Northern California


Flying over the land

Nothing is as exciting as flying over the land, floating 100 to 300 feet above the forest. Lakes. And mountains. Hovering along with hover speed or running at 120 mph. You can see everything Northern California has to offer including the Trinity Alps, Mount Shasta, magnificent Lake Shasta. Lake Siskiyou, and dozens of hidden mountain lakes that hardly anyone knows about. See rock formations and lava flows from the earth’s formation. Float on a multitude of pristine rivers that run through the mountains into the lakes. Here are eleven tips to get the best Northern California adventure travel experience by helicopter!

Helicopter exploration

Fly early in your trip. In other words. Consider the helicopter leg of your trip as an “explorer” because an aerial overview provides great information and insight into the area that would otherwise take years of detailed exploration. When you go on your exploration flight. Be sure to orient yourself to major landmarks .Great mountains, great lakes. Cities and settlements, and roads as landmarks. By reflecting in advance, you will make better use of your vacation time in the area because you will have a better idea of the relative distances.

You can also discover a fascination for a little-known area that you might never have seen otherwise. And there is another subtle factor. When entering a new area. Even a new city.It is very common to feel a sense of disorientation compared to your own home and its familiar “trampling grounds. It is just natural. And one way to quickly get that sense of security is by exploring. For example.

Exploration helicopter ride

if you want to be in a new city for several days. Just walking around the city gives you a different feeling within your mind and body. In a similar and more dramatic way. Your exploration helicopter ride will give you a completely different feel for the area and your current adventure. Essential for safety and insecurity First. When choosing your helicopter charter or helicopter tour company. Be sure to ask in advance how many hours of experience your pilot has logged in. If you have a choice of pilots. You can choose the one with the safest hours.

You can also rest easy if you ask about helicopter maintenance. Because you want to navigate the skies in a neat and clean helicopter because you want to see bigotry when it comes to safety and maintenance.Since you have to look out the windows. It makes sense to make sure there are windows that you can look out of. That is.If you choose a fourseater helicopter. It is quite certain that each person will sit by a window. There are helicopters with few windows.So it’s a good idea to ask.




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